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2022 Scottish abortion stats

Did you know that, by law, every abortion carried out in Scotland must be reported to the Chief Medical Officer and Public Health Scotland? From this reporting process, each year, Public Health Scotland releases abortion data, detailing key stats about the previous year’s provision of abortion services in Scotland. Below we highlight some key statistics from 2022.


1. We’re pleased to note that, in Scotland, over 99% of abortions are provided by the NHS – this means that people accessing abortion services are not forced to turn to the private sector or charitable/non-government organisations. 


Instead, in Scotland, abortions are provided as part of routine healthcare: which is exactly how it should be! It also means that people accessing abortion services receive wraparound healthcare, because other specialisms can be part of the care where necessary, whether that be gynaecological services, maternity care, sexual health services etc.


2. In 2022, there was a 19% increase in the number of abortions provided in Scotland. This shows that there is a real choice available to people considering pregnancy options in Scotland, and that people trust that they will be well taken care of.


3. 2022, 98.8% of abortions in Scotland were medical. This means the abortion was trigged by the patient taking medication, rather than undergoing a surgical procedure. 


Abortion Rights Scotland supports the availability of both medical and surgical abortions in every health board. Every patient is different, and it is vital that their right to choose the type of healthcare that best suits them is upheld.


4. In 2022, abortion rates in Scotland increased by about 19% across all age groups. The biggest increase was in the 16-19 age group. Abortion Rights Scotland is pleased to see that abortion services are available for all age groups across Scotland.


5. Medical abortions generally require the patient to take two separate pills on separate days. In 2022, more than 50% of abortions in Scotland were provided ‘in the home’ – this means that the patient took both pills at home (or outside of a clinical setting). 


Abortion Rights Scotland is pleased to see that the option ‘at home’ abortions will continue.

Want to know more? Read the full reported statistics here.

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