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Abortion Rights Scotland

We campaign for free, safe, legal, local abortion services,

free from harassment, provided and delivered by the NHS in Scotland.

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Abortion Rights Scotland is part of the national pro-choice campaign Abortion Rights. To find out more about Abortion Rights Scotland and Abortion Rights click through here.

Abortion Rights Scotland is an activist organisation built by its members and supporters. We couldn't do what we do without you! 

Click through here to learn how you can join in our current and future campaign activities. 

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There are various ways to support Abortion Rights Scotland. You can join as an individual, make a donation, or affiliate as an organisation.

Click through to learn more.

Abortion Rights Scotland produces various resources on abortion in Scotland including reports on current campaigns, policy, and abortion service. More of which you can learn about by clicking through here.

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For information on how to access an abortion in Scotland click through here.

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